November 6, 2004

Good Stuff: Astronomy

I've just discovered this fabulous site where one can anticipate the crossing of satellites overhead. They should be brighter than the stars but not as bright as the moon (of course). If you click the link: "Sighting", it will give you a map and time to spot overhead satellites. I anticipate hanging out on our deck from time to time (JTrack can pinpoint a crossing to the minute, so I can jet upstairs for thirty minutes)... the stuff of backyard astronomy: binoculars, warm clothing and a laptop.

And under the "Tracking" category, you can click on "JTrack 3-D" for a delightfully manipulable three dimensional rendering of earth and 500 satellites in scaled orbital positions. Fantastic. Just fantastic. (Static image above.)

Walking home late last night from the expat Brit bar "Club Europa", after toasting my cousin Joe off as he returns to Australia with a beer or two or four. We could see Orion low in the sky framed by Tossa buildings. I felt good about the earlier efforts to learn the night sky.

Hello Orion, hello winter.

(I came across this info from James Dunnigan's (one of the best military info/analysis sites on the web), provides another helpful link in this regard.)

Posted by Dennis at November 6, 2004 1:00 PM

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Hey Dennis:

Not sure if you remember me, we met in LA in like 1998 or 1999. I had a studio at the time in Korea town. Anyway saw your blog on Tom Moodys site and I thought I would drop a line. Great to read your blog and see the work.
I have since moved to NYC(1999) and live and work in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Love NY, but it is tuff to exist here. I have yet to find a gallery in NY, but I have been showing a bit. Had a white room last summer. I installed a 62(+) foot painting (took 3 years to make). You could check it out at,also had a show in London @ Rocket Gallery, can check out there site also to see my show there. I am in a show right now in Berlin @ DaimlerChrysler Contemporary, and I will be in a
show at the Kunsthalle in Mallorca this summer, closer to your neck of the woods.
Just got married three weeks ago to my long time girlfriend. I guess that about covers me.

Anyway great to see the blog, I will continue to read your journal. Always loved your work and thought your last show @ Klagsbrun kicked ass... sorry I missed the opening.

Doug Melini

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