November 8, 2004

Doug Melini


The circumstances that brought Doug and I together in LA recede into my corroding memory. He was a young hungry artist just out of CalArts, he was painting seriously and he wanted to talk. I remember driving somewhere in LA's Koreatown, finding his studio in a funky building, crumbling plaster straight out of a John Fante story(remember, artists need cheap rent so that they can become the first audience). Crisp, sharp paintings in crumbling rooms.

I remember my first impression of Doug as driven in a East Coast way (very good), intense and questioning (also very good). We had a great conversation over work recently done, the very essence of why I became an artist. I remember him saying that he wanted to get back to the East Coast as soon as he could. That was the last I heard from him.

And then he popped up in the comments of this here blog. How fantastic this web thingy is!

I have since moved to NYC(1999) and live and work in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Love NY, but it is tuff to exist here. I have yet to find a gallery in NY, but I have been showing a bit. Had a white room last summer. I installed a 62(+) foot painting (took 3 years to make). You could check it out at,also had a show in London @ Rocket Gallery, can check out there site also to see my show there. I am in a show right now in Berlin @ DaimlerChrysler Contemporary, and I will be in a show at the Kunsthalle in Mallorca this summer, closer to your neck of the woods. Just got married three weeks ago to my long time girlfriend. I guess that about covers me.

A toast to you, Doug and all this good news, especially your marraige!


Posted by Dennis at November 8, 2004 11:47 AM


Doug and I showed at the same space in Munich. We met here in NY, and I plugged him a couple of times on my weblog:
Small world, indeed. Congratulations on your wedding, Doug!

Nice to see the great Tom Moody in the commentary!

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