January 15, 2005



I lost all the pics taken at the Tapies Foundation! I stripped my camera down for the trip to Barcelona, taking off the lens cap and strap. In tryng to get street wise ( the theory being that a strapless camera would be harder to steal), was pulling my Olympus out of my jacket, cleaning up pics on the run and turning it on and off in my pocket. I must have cleared my memory without knowing it.

(...happens all the time)

I may not have any pics of T?pies' paintings, but I have a pic of...


Well, it kind of looks like a T?pies artwork!

Earthy, particular Catalan earth, fruit of the rich soil of this regiion (I imagine these potatoes are from Catalunya, maybe they're imported from Chilie?). Lavish rich and saucy. Direct and simple, earnest and elemental.


And better with some good table wine and buttifara.

Joking aside, I've got a few things to tell you about my take on the work of Antoni T?pies, more later. Right now, I'm checking out the Foundation catalog and a text from a lecture there in '97 by Richard Wollheim.

ps: Is it me, or does this cover resemble a Campbell's Soup can?


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