February 22, 2005

Jesus Said

Speaking about G-d...

I was listening to Jesus the other day, and I took notes*:

good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Jesus Christ Show I am your... holy host with you every Sunday morning from six to nine

I would like to encourage you to be bold and brave and go to the phone and call me with your theology questions or your life questions

Randy: Sir, how does G-d, become G-d?

It's people call a category mistake in logic... the word "become" implies a temporal condition.... G-d, in order to be G-d cannot be created...
here's a big, fifty cent word: anthropomorphic

evil is not something I created, it's something I allow...

the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference
in order for love to exist there has to be a choice

people have to have the ability to make bad decisions for good decisions to have any value

and then you see natural disasters acts of G-d and you look to sky and you shake your fist

the tsunami that took place that took so many lives was horrendous
people are still accountable for warning systems
in the bigger sense that just because you don't have ...an understanding of the purpose it doesnt mean that they dont have purpose...
its the equivilant and getting mad at gravity
if there was an ounce more of gravity aor an ounce less you would die

every single statement of truth is exclusioinary... that's how truth works


*wouldn't you?

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