February 24, 2005



Posted by Dennis at February 24, 2005 9:34 PM


liking the physicality or is it physicalizing... but the color has me thinking of something I would rather eat than look at... how large is this section, it is a bit hard to tell, will we get a shot of the whole when completed ? Had a look at some of your earlier postings as I am attempting to get a "larger view" of what your doing. so far especially liked a couple of the paintings you put up back in November'04, one had a red ground color the other was a work on paper ,a very pale olive-greenish ground>> well done!

Thanks, Greg. These are works on paper, 46 x 38 cm. I use it like a sketch pad to tool around a bit, try things out. I like this size and format alot, stout paper prepped with alkyd resin. The resin maintains a barrier between the oil and paper and I can still see the paper too. The painting is about the size of two splayed hands and I am tuned in tight on the phenomenon of sticky paint material at that scale.

This looks yummy, organic, yet like it was applied with cake decoration nozzles. Any medium in the oil? Else I imagine would take years to dry.

Thanks Cynthia. No, no nozzles... mostly traditional spatulas and improvised paper used as custom made disposable pallette knives. As for drying... they do dry, from the surface to the interior, and if it takes twenty years for it to go from a creamy filling to a cookie, so be it. As for the medium, just enough to make it pliable. It doesn't take much.

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