March 6, 2005

A Heretic via Marc Cooper

I was going to post a link to the Heretic's Blog, but Marc Cooper beat me to it. Marc's blogpost is perfect as is, so by all means, go there now. Here's the first few lines:

The Road Out Of Damascus

A Syrian blogger? Having spent 20 years in Syria one weekend, that?s a calling I think I would gladly forego.

Not so for Damascus writer Ammar Abdulhamid who?s stuck his neck way out there with his own Heretic?s Blog.

It feels almost prurient to read ? from the comfort of my suburban home?the real-time anguishing of this American-educated Syrian liberal. His talent as both writer and analyst are
immediately self-evident and quite impressive. But the burning angst he and his wife Khawla are currently experiencing can only be described as wrenching.

The political earthquake in Lebanon is reverberating across the border in Syria and the regime of the Assad clan is shaking. Problem is, it?s likely to fall right on the heads of the Syrian people...

Posted by Dennis at March 6, 2005 6:15 PM

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