March 18, 2005


Admin and show notes:

There's a little lag in the return form Cologne blog posting. My mother has arrived from Sacramento and we're hanging out a bit, sapping the time for blog maintenance (comment spam levels are clicking past 3,200) and blogposting.

The "Timeline" blopost will take a little while since I've decided to avoid a conventional biographical narrative and opt for the bullet point epiphany method. And you know epiphanies, you can't rush them. You'll knowthat I'm done with it once the "IN PROGRESS" sign is removed. Other blogposts are queueing up, so I'll clear them for landing while I continue work on "Timeline".

Travel notes: we'll be flying to Madrid next week to see the city in which I was born with my mother as tour guide. I'll do my best to keep the sentiment under control in the blogposts that result from that. Also, tomorrow, we are day tripping into France for another of my mother's buying trips to her secret source. pics to come of French farmer's markets and country life. Also, we are talking of driving down towards Seville and the Alhambra... perhaps taking the ferry into Morroco. All plans are in flux and the itinerary changes moment to moment. All this, to be blogged soon... and since I plan to take this laptop along the way, I'll try to blog on the run whereever wifi lets me.

In the midst of all this, we are wrangling with taxes before the April deadline. I've given Ramon the dimensions for the next group of paintings (96-97 x 80 cm) and so I should be ready to rock in the studio once we return from this flurry of travels.

All of this to say: blogposting will likely be freaky for the rest of the month.

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