March 20, 2005

A Tossa Primavera

Returning from Cologne, the temperature rose by ten degrees. We can feel the Spring coming. On the bus returning from the airport, we met Mariselle, a woman who works at a bakery in Tossa. Her return is a sign of Spring, too. Teh merchants are coming back for a new season. As we walked into town, the place was a hive of activity, people were opening up storefronts and sweeping dirt out the doorways as we walked past with our luggage.

The city is bringing natural gas into town, street after street is being torn up to lay the pipes in. Next year, our street will get the installation. The workers are hustling to put the infrastructure in before the Easter holidays to come. Diggers, pipe guys, paver guys, one after the other. People are freshening up, repainting storefronts and crosswalks and patching plaster.

Coming from Los Angeles, we didn't see Spring as clearly as this.

And it's so wonderful to begin taking off the many layers of clothes, looking forward to a time to come when we will forget about shoes and our toes will be tanned.

Posted by Dennis at March 20, 2005 8:35 PM

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