March 20, 2005

For Sale by Owner

Mom buys her fabrics from Sylvie. Sylvie and her husband are interested in selling their house and moving to Albee, a nearby city. Sylvie was amused when I told her that I could advertize her house for sale in this blog.

A house, outbuildings, fenced and gated... all for $400,000 Euros.
I'll leave the fee for the connection to your discretion.

Any takers?

Standing in the center of their first floor, the first shot to the left, a kitchen.

Second shot, pan right in to the living area.

About face, a shot over the dining table.

I walk out into the field and shoot from afar.

Turn right and shoot the sheep.

And a very fine tree.

Posted by Dennis at March 20, 2005 9:24 PM

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