March 25, 2005


GOYAnet.jpg We're Back!

Posted by Dennis at March 25, 2005 4:10 PM


What tha...! Looks like some sort of Salvador Dali spinoff!

I've never seen this before.
The painting explodes from the bottom corners.
Nature (plants) (patterns) erupt from the left.
As does the cube, cone, fabric complexity.
Anthropomorphized animals diminish from the right, foreground to background.
The whole net, grid, cage, space, whonky-factor cracks me up with envy.
Unless we see this in real space, we can have no clue as to whether this painter has the chops.
The lyrics hit home, but I can't make out the rhythm or soul.
Which makes me think of how UN-reproducible your paintings are.
Better than me, that's for sure.

Gary: This is one of Goya's Cartoons, an instruction for the creation of tapestries. It was painted many moons before Dali. I don't want to unecessarily disparage Dali, but Goya is an Everest to Dali's Pyrenee. The Pyrenees are pretty big tho.

Steve: Yea, I've got details of this painting that I will blog later.

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