March 28, 2005



The past couple of days have been kind of strange. So much has gone by in the past few weeks, all of this traveling Colonge and now Madrid. We've decided not to travel a third time -once a plan to go to Paris and East of there on rails, another to travel South of Madrid, perhaps as far as Morrocco... and I'm thankful that we are not doing this, too much of a good thing. Already my mind is a swirl and the Didion Colophon (margin to the left) kicks in and the task this weekend of laying a narrative line onto all this shifting phantasmagoria seems a bit onerous. But I will freeze it soon in the coming blogposts, no worries... I just have this inane capacity to hold off until the crystals form, inane becuase it is all so just-in-time.

But while I'm jelling, I wanted to say:

Happy Easter, everyone!

or Semana Santa, as they call it here in Spain.

Posted by Dennis at March 28, 2005 3:04 AM

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