April 25, 2005

Soak it Up

A friend sends me a high five:

hey dude,
quick note, I'm going to berlin this Monday until next monday the 2nd. Phil will be there installing a pardo show, and talk is robbie is going out too. What are you doing next week, Berlin?

Jxxx, Phil, Robbie too? Yeah-heh!

So I cruise the airline websites: German Wings, no... BerlinAir too expensive... Easyjet yes!

I'll be in Berlin for the rest of the week! A great way to see the city, with friends.

Alas, Stephanie decided to stay behind: too much of a guy thing, living standards will be very sketchy: toothbrush in the pocket, don't know where we will sleep. Besides, there are a few things brewing here that she has to attend to (more on that later).

The last time I saw Jxxx, he said: "Don't blog everything we do, Dennis." Yes of course, I'll be discrete. Maybe I'll get to put black bars across the eyes in the fotos!

A 5 day excursion, and lots to do in the studio (a VIP studio visit soon, work for the show in August, requests for art fair work in the air...). What the hell. You only live once. Do everything, soak it up.

Posted by Dennis at April 25, 2005 10:12 AM

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