June 5, 2005


I'm letting the calendar slip because I've had my hands full with the latest painting. It would be nice to let you all in onthe blow by blow... pues... the task of articulating my process whilst I am in the midst of it would displace the process itself. It is best therefore to document it, post-process (blog about how the painting came about after I paint it rather than while I am in the process of painting it).

Another factor is that it is impossible for me to paint while someone accompanies me in the studio. (Well, I guess I could do that... but it would imply a totally different kind of art making, something closer to the great Kippenberger I guess -note his drawings on hotel stationary for example... but not now and not for the kind of paintings that I want to do.) Live blogging the making of a painting is a no-go at the moment. Who knows, in the future, when we can go to the Apple SuperStore and have neueral iMac implants...

But stay tuned for the proximate blowing of the blogjam:
- this "big" painting of course
- the possible/probable implosion of the Euro (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- fun timeline stuff
- my cousin Patricia's arrival in Tossa
- the June festivus in Tossa
- more highjinks with Kiko of course
- Stephanie in LA and thoughts of the SoCal/Costa Brava axis
- the impending post: "Writhing Tools"

Posted by Dennis at June 5, 2005 11:41 AM

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