June 15, 2005


Brent Hallard was kind enough to give me a heads up concerning the disabled comments function. Recently, I haven't been able to eliminate spam (what tedium, what friction!) and I was wondering why the number of offending agents were frozen at 15,565!

I have mixed feelings about bringing it back up.... one solution is to carve out the offending (diseased?) organ (comment function) and let email function in it's place. The only trouble with that is that visitors can't read the comments unless I post it, adding to my workload. But with the number of comments that I usually get, not a bad option!

However, a blog without comments is not the same community as one with one, an interesting situation.

The other issue is that I depend on my good friend Dean and his wife Glenda to help me troubleshoot problems. I would not like to plague them with these problems after they so generously engineered this blog into being for me in the first place... afflicting altruism with a pest. Trouble is, my research online for getting under the hood of this machine brings back feelings that I haven't felt since my undergraduate days in calculus class.

I've been wondering just how long I can maintain a blog as part of the studio practice. My mind goes back and forth.


In the meantime, please feel free to substitute email for the comments section:


Posted by Dennis at June 15, 2005 5:34 AM

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