June 20, 2005

Weekend Report

After the last painting, I had to kick back and see friends, let my hair down a bit, and in not having that conceptual spark that lights up a literary missive this weekend, I thought a tidy little graphic would do the trick.

Food, drink (moderate, no carousel thru the museum of alcohol until five am this time) and conversation, a first plunge into the still-cold summer water, a couple of skin dives (We looked for octopus on the dive -nothing, but many schools of fish, very nice), a nice start on a tan, a midnight party for a local Tossa boy at Codolar beach, Pepa and Joan tried to get me to dance at El Pirata (no dice, dunno why), a nice impromptu lunch from Xerlos's wife Maite and her mother Magda.... another lunch with Kiko, drawing up plans for Carmen's house in Toledo (an impossible plan, so small).

And now, back into the studio for a crack at another small painting.

This week: Miguel will come by Wednesday to pick up the paintings for the show at his gallery in Barcelona; I'll be critiquing Gerry's urban architecture studio in Barcelona on Thursday, Gerry's family might come up to Tossa for the weekend and I've got to stretch the four new panels before the month ends.

Tight but not impossible.

Posted by Dennis at June 20, 2005 1:43 PM

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