June 20, 2005


Strange things are happening under the hood of this blog machine. First, the despamming engine goes out, then the comments won't work, and now: new posts won't load up onto the main page. The only way to see new posts or even this Admin report at the moment -is by clicking the archives. I wouldn't be surprised if this seeming degenerative disease wipes them out.

My webhost is overhauling their system, and maybe that is the source of the problem. But no worries... my peeps are looking into the situation (Old school mate Dean and his wife Glenda, who so generously gifted me with this wonderous contraption in the first place).

UPDATE: I usually surf the net with Safari and Firefox together. The difference between the two is in the use of bookmarks. Safari has the immense library, Firefox is a lean and tightly edited. I opened Explorer to see if the new posts would load up onto the main page and lo! So why is it that different browsers load pages differently?

Posted by Dennis at June 20, 2005 10:01 PM

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