July 25, 2005

Revisiting Cadmium R.D.

I've been thinking that the next painting should be completely different from the previous several paintings, at least a kind where I would begin a sheet of paint as a starting point, a strategy I used to push away from after many paintings started in this manner. Now, my pendulum is going to swing back, at least for this next painting, maybe I'll hopscotch to the end of this timeframe before the show.

A red painting. I was thinking red.
Sheets of redness.

This month marks a two year anniversary of this blog. So I looked up the July 2003 archive and took a look around. There, were a few works that framed my gathering intentions.

Here are some images:

I was thinking about an agitated line, drawings...

And I'd get all freaky.
Look for the funny feeling.
But I would still want to see some areas of undisturbed sheet going on too.

Things dropped onto a (monochrome?) surface of paint, ripples in different ways. Interferance patterns.


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