August 29, 2005


I didn't have any accomodations set for my arrival into Berlin's Tegel airport. There wasn't a natural situation in terms of the ability to crash out on a friend's couch and I don't like the remote internet reservation thing (can't explain why). I kind of liked dropping into a city and figuring out how I'll pass the evening. Once, I made my way into Milan after Verona and the evening prior to my flight was spent in artful contortions on the airport seating. Last night, I opted for a cheap hotel off Friedrichstrasse and the carpets freaked me out. The last time I stayed at a place with similar floor coverings, I fought off fungus for weeks afterward. So I left after a night and I was prepared to sleep on Tegel's seating. But after assessing how this evening is going to unwind, I dumped my alternative strategies (a pensioine for 15 euros a night, another Russian place for 80, and a last ditch at a Ramada for what would be probably more) and I chose to stay at athe Mercure Hotel, just around the corner of Andr?'s new gallery (one block away from CheckPoint Charlie).

A universal law of nature: you get what you pay for.

I'd like to expound languidly with florid prose about this particular ahora post but my internet time is tight (they make you pay by the hour... it should be free worldwide).

Here is the most important news:

1. I had a wonderful time at Tanya's place, the show was a success and now I should refrain from an unseemly exhuberance. It was all good, very good. I met some excellent people, I had very good/deep/funny/informative conversations. I saw some fabulous places/things. I have observations. I will certainly tell you much more about that (with pics) once I return to my own ADSL connection at home in Tossa.

2. Andr?'s new Berlin space rocks.

More to come.

Posted by Dennis at August 29, 2005 6:29 PM

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