September 7, 2005


Now we know. (After Katrina)
Or do we?

What lessons can we learn from what happened?

How can we feel so certain about what is to come?
Maybe we don't really think about tomorrow, but we have an illusion that we do.

It gets me when people argue from positions of certitude about catastrophic events that catch us by surprise. Could have, would have, should have.

We were caught flat footed more than twice (in the states). Now we know, but we don't really know about tomorow, do we?

Maybe we don't try to.

We get suprised by a loony shoe bomber and for years, we take off our shoes at the gate.
Back Seat drivers we are.
Eyes riveted on the rear view mirror, oblivious to the windshield surround.

The thing is... the challenge is... to be able to think about the unthinkable,
to imagine in a way that incorporates surprise... and not surprise for its' own sake.

...but a narrow surprise

Not. Random.

Posted by Dennis at September 7, 2005 7:55 AM

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