September 8, 2005

Admin: Raining, Pouring.

I'm not surprised.

"Your startup disk is almost full."

Just as things are about to go pop here, I begin to have some computer problems. It seems I have a severely fragmented hard drive. One by one, my computer is diminishing in capacity. Now, I can't use my Photoshop Elements, and therefore I can't process images to upload into a blogpost. As you probably know, such events are time suckers, and I have no time that's suckable.

Already, current events are spilling over my capacity to blog:
-a day trip into France as I escorted my mother on one of her buying missions,
-Katrina in general,
-Ahora posts on this current painting,
-The recent decision of Tossa's young artist Alberto to visit us in Los Angeles and subsequently move to Berlin... an alternative approach to art school, big news this...
-a return of Klossa as he delivers a few paintings that didn't sell ("suckers!" -just kidding) from the back room of one of my galleries ('s good to see the old work again, from '98 thereabouts)
-Kiko's new, old house, one that he's restoring,
-lots of ideas, of this and that, including one for a New New Orleans, my studio in ChinaTown, and more...
-not to mention old events/ideas like finishing the "Where Am I" blogpost, the entry into Berlin (can you see the Ensor ref here?)...

I should have this painting in hand by the weekend and if there's a margin for it, I will be able to get under the hood of this laptop and replace the engine. But there is so much that's ramping up on the to-do list already...

Posted by Dennis at September 8, 2005 4:51 AM

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