September 13, 2005

Admin: Update

Saturday Morning:
-Finished the painting bound for Miguel Marcos Gallery. -Cat nap for the sleep deprived. -The house is thrashed.
Saturday night:
-Bus to Barcelona a little early, walked the streets that were packed with people ( a holiday, Catalan independance day). -Business at the gallery. -Dinner with Miguel Marcos and Maria Mirentxu in Barcelona. -Unable to find a room for the night on short notice, so I take a taxi back to Tossa (roughly the same cost as a room anyway).
Sunday all day:
-Sleep, beautiful sleep. -Fiddled with the computer like a monkey flipping switches in the cockpit of a spaceship. This took most of the day. The upshot: I should wait until I get to LA for the solution (upgrade to OSX Tiger). I could tell you all why, but I don't want to get technical here/now. -Inexplicably, I discover 4 megabytes free on my abused hardrive. Woo hoo (yes, like a monkey... try it yourself and remember to clap your hands too), but there's too little time to exploit it.
-House clean up/ prep for departure/ have-to-do's... first floor. -A drink with Alberto to plan our October rendezvous in LA.
-House clean up/ prep for departure/ have-to-do's... second/third floor. -I'll give Kiko a call to see what he's up to.
-Meet up with my cousin Joe, Kiko for a toast, take care of too many little important things and have the bags packed and ready for a 3:30 am (Thursday) rendezvous with Se?or Bartolo, the taxi driver. Posted by Dennis at September 13, 2005 4:30 PM

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