September 15, 2005

Pan Right

Mark Van Neste writes:

Hi Dennis,

Mark Van Neste from the UK here and, as you may recall, sometime follower of the Hollingsworth blog!

I had originally hoped to travel to Tossa in June/July this year, but with one thing and another the trip ended up being pushed back several times. Finally I'll be washing up in town on Sept 25th, but tragically it sounds as if that'll be too late to say hello as I see you are already packing bags and getting set for the off.

If convenient, I had hoped to inviting you for lunch or dinner. Perhaps there will be another occasion down the line. I hope so.

Have a safe journey old chap and, as ever, thanks for all the excellent and thought-provoking stuff you post.

All the best,

Mark Van Neste

I'm sure our schedules will mesh sometime soon! And thanks for the encouragement, it comes in handy. Handshakes and a toast! PanRightHorizBLACK.jpg PanRight1.jpg PanRightHorizBLACK.jpg PanRight2.jpg PanRightHorizBLACK.jpg PanRight3.jpg PanRightHorizBLACK.jpg Posted by Dennis at September 15, 2005 1:24 AM

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