September 19, 2005

More Admin

Little by little, poco a poco, poc a poc...

All hurdles are being surmounted.

I've just untangled my email problem and now I'm good to go. There's no way to untangle the lost address book, a Gordian knot sliced and diced and laid to the side. It will have to be reconstructed. So for this reason, I will need your help people.

For all my friends, acquantances, business contacts and combinations thereof: could you do me a favor and send me your contact information so I can fold you into my new Apple Tiger? Address Book? (my email address is to the left margin of the blog) Thankyouverymuch!

Sorry about the furvtive and fragmented blogposting... but more hablaba is sure to come soon.

Posted by Dennis at September 19, 2005 6:49 PM

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