September 22, 2005


Before the trees get chopped, I had to clear a path to the backyard. Bougainvealla and a neighbor's mint vine ground cover are about to overwhelm the house. It's time to chop it back, a lilttle hair cut.

So I had to jump up atop the trellis to carve this monster and back it off the house. It's a beast.

As the sun was setting, I try to shake out the mat of dead flowers. I should have closed the kitchen door I guess (sure looks good though).

Later, back in ChinaTown, I shook Duke's hand (owner of Via Cafe, they've got wireless, thank G-d) and was pleased to find that he was eager to learn how to make cortados. ?Muy bien, Tio!

Posted by Dennis at September 22, 2005 5:21 PM

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