October 7, 2005

Alberto in the House

My friend from Tossa, Alberto has arrived here in LA. Alberto is a young artist who left art school in Barcelona and was considering his options. Over our time in Tossa, Alberto and I hung out a lot. I was grateful for the opportunity to talk to a young artist in Tossa, and Alberto likewise soaked up whatever info I could truck up for him about the artworld I knew.

Eventually, I hazarded the idea that while art school is wonderful and special... it is not altogether indispensible. Why not opt for the autodidactic approach and jet out to a metropolitain art community like New York, Los Angeles, London.... or Berlin?

Yea. Berlin.

That's where the action is. My maxim: and urban art world needs cheap rent to sustain emerging artists. Artists need time to gestate, and it's counterproductive to be on a treadmill, earning the ducets to pay high rents.

So, over time, we considered that it would be a great prelude for him to visit La for a month prior to his Berlin move. For one month, he could sleep over in my studio and meet my friends and see what I see, hear what I hear in Los Angeles.

How wonderful for us both.

Posted by Dennis at October 7, 2005 6:31 PM

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