November 9, 2005


Last night.

I had finished the prep work in the studio yesterday, working thru dinner and coasting to a stop by the midnight hour. Three final items had to be dealt with: getting my flat files on wheels so I can port them around and keep the studio clear, curtains over the top windows and a dash of paint over the mezzanine and front bottom storefront window (this ain't a store).

(too much detail?)


Here's a interior. No frills. It's a tool.

Here's an in-progress shot.

And the scooter? That's my solution for transportation for our return to LA. I just don't want a car right now. I figure that I can rent a car when I need it. A truck for big hauls, a Budget little sedan for appointments across the city, and a fine pimp mobile when the situation warrants.

My ride is simple, between Echo Park and ChinaTown: thru Elysian Park by one way and thru Sunset Boulevard to Echo Park Avenue by another. Pueblo scale, just like in Tossa de Mar.

Posted by Dennis at November 9, 2005 10:54 PM

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