November 17, 2005

Admin: Mail Call

DSL high speed internet service is still not in place either at home or in the studio. At home, I can surf a neighbor's signal by holdin my laptop aloft at an angle in the corner of the house. In Chinatown, I can surf at the Via Cafe (I'm weighing the value of gearing up a separate phone line and DSL service in the studio) ... I'm still a long ways from my previous two studios where home and studio were cheek by jowl and blogposting was fluid and fast.

I'll soon figure out a path to fluid and fast in our new home/studio configuration. In the meantime, blogging here might seem a bit furtive.

Here's a bit of mail that I have recieved over the past few weeks:

An old Navy buddy writes in:

welcome back to estadas unidos (?) amigo. it seems you are doing a lot of work refurbishing, replanting, remodeling, and not re-laxing. are you taking a break from painting for a while? you better get back to it because the hard labor you're doing is making ME tired! did you get the hardwood flooring down? i expect i will be doing that before long. we have bought a new house in savannah georgia that we will move into in a couple of months and sandy wants to replace the carpet in the 38' x 18' bonus room with wood flooring. can you come over to carry the boxes of wood? i hear you're good at it as long as you can carry the freight up and down steps! :)
contact info for sandy and me

look forward to hearing from you 'wood.


(Gary and the lads on the USS Truxtun took to calling me "Hollywood" back in the day.)

Brent Hallard (link in the Soup to the left) sends out a high five:

hey Dennis fantastic studio, home, wheels, and well, ur ripping it apart. look forward to seeing your work up again and one day our meet. maybe 2006 right?),omio moves the end of this month.
Thanks Brent. I'm looking forward to our meet-up in the near future too.

Artist and teacher Howard Sherman says hello:


I just recently discovered your blog. One of my fellow grad students mentioned it and I've enjoyed hearing about the remodeling job and learning more about your paintings.
I really enjoy the pronounced texture.

How do you get those amazing shapes? What artists are you looking at right now?



The shape-ology comes from the tools and an eye for the natural repose of paint-as-material. As for the artist-in-my-head: Soutine. And Glen Brown's big wad of paint at the MOCA-LA's (Paul Schimmel's) Ecstasy Show.

Here's a shout out to Jim Murray, whose writing style is kinky and mesmerizing:

Hey Denn?..looks like ??urspace is taking its new identit?..looks
great!..always interesting to divorce oneself
(voluntarily..involuntarily..or b? mean needs) from one passion
ie: paint
immerse oneself in another activity, ripping ,measuring and
hammering be they congruent in nature or not..
cuz then when ya come back up for got some different
I final??went back over to m??space in an old schoolh? figure out
how im gonna heat that sucker and work this winter..cant really?affrod not
to....but after my 25 ?e?r retro of collages last winter ..lifes viscitudes
h?ve rendered my creative ps?che reeling....ha
but I was inspired..we will see..anywa?s..i surfed backward to ??ur and
??ur wifes trip to espana...(m? oldest daughter was born in barcelona)
the delicious pics of ??ur sweet painting done around that time...i wish I
had some hard cop??of some of them , theyd make beautiful adverbial bits in
m??collages..!.ma??e ill figure out how to do it on this gizmo here at
school...but I dug the explicity which with the??were approached and
photoed..almost like the color edit/choice u made of different paintings
anatomy were vestal virgins in a cheap skin mag....
But I dug the recent images of the building gutting too..made me think of
this bit by rilke (from ben ledbetters architectural musings)

"Space exceeds us and translates things:
That the tree's being may succeed for you,
cast around it the inner space, that space
which announces itself in you. Surround it with restraint.
It knows not how to limit itself. Only in taking form
from your renunciation does it truly become a tree."

Rainer Maria Rilke

later, jimmy?murray from hog heaven

Posted by Dennis at November 17, 2005 3:24 AM

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