November 24, 2005

Circus Buchs

A blinkin' report from the Circus of Books opening last night...

Tif Sigfids, Joel Mesler, Mark von Schlegell and Thomas Winkler have just completed a cross country book/music tour. They emerged in fine shape. This show was the capper. I was happy to participate in the festivities.

Professor Winkler's speech here.

Here's Professor Winlker's invitaion:


11.22.05 ? 12.22.05

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I, Prof. Winkler, am happy and proud to announce you the opening of DIE
noumerous contemporary artists from Germany, the U.S. and further countries
are showing works of arts.

Furthermore there will be readings, music-acts and presentations of several
new publications, such as the third issue of MEISE, a magazine from German
publishers Verlag H+K, for example.

Visit now!



Opening Reception:
Tuesday Nov. 22nd 2005, 7 ? 9 pm
Circus of Books Gallery
8230 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Open daily 6 a.m. ? 2 a.m.
Tel: 323.656.6533


Julia Abst?dt, Angelyne, Bara, Michael Bauer, Heather Brown, Andr? Butzer, Marc Chandler, Mason Cooley, Felisa Funes, Erin Garey, Bruce Hamilton, Dennis Hollingsworth, Marcel Hueppauff, Nathan Hylden, Peter Klare, John Knuth, Jackie Kohn, Maja K?rner, Joep van Liefland, Brett Lund, Rachel Mason, Daniel Mendel-Black, Joshua Raymond Nathanson, Johanna Roetteler, Sarada Rauch, Marc von Schlegell, Frances Scholz, Fabian Schubert, Tif Sigfrids, Henry Taylor, Erin Trefry, Phil Wagner, Thomas Winkler, Ulrich Wulff and many more


Yes, let's visit:

The evening started off with Mark von Schlegell's reading from his recently published SciFi book "Venusia". He read a passage regarding hot human/alien plant sex.

Yes. Sex.

This is Circus books, after all.

A simmering snippet:

Had Martha held the beautiful creature in her skinny arms? It was hard to remember. She certainly smelled the real scents of love-making, felt that strange softness in her limbs, under her skin. But her time in the room had been like a series of dreams, and ever since the n-scape had entered her life, it was difficult to know for sure what was real.

She had pulled Johanna into the extravagant bed. They rolled and touched on its wide softness. Quietly, they kissed. Johanna had stroked Martha's hair, kissed her eyes, her ears. She murmured tender blessings to the inside of her ear, kissed her belly and behind her knees. "Sshh." When Martha began to ask her a question, Johanna had placed her soft hand against her lips.

Joanna Zeep's sultry eyes melted into green, feline slits as she received Martha's gaze. Her cascading locks tumbled down back. She opened her legs and lay back as Martha stroked her tender skin. The dark-clipped patch of Johanna's private hair curled before Martha's wide eyes like the crescent o fhte softest, sweetest moon.

It's getting hot in here. Subsequent paragraphs might upset the family parts of this blogger's audience.

It's time to move on...

Tif sang a few fine selections from her recent album. More info at Pruess Press.

There are a couple of covers, the rest of her album is original work, fine songcraft.

I hitched a ride with Henry Taylor. Henry's a CT local artist too, he shows with Sister Gallery. Seemingly a wild man (he paints that way), I got to talk to him and trade personal histories with him on the ride over to West Hollywood. I'll tell you more about him later as I wriggle a camera into his studio (a veritable cave of Ali Baba, full of treasure). He's a fine fellow, a very interesting guy.

He's got this animated way of communicating, street scat "Hey, whazzup my man, you're lookin' fine all dressed up an' everything!" Then, he'll get into your personal space and all, eye contact close. "Whatzyu' up to now?" He reminds me of a Miles Davis, but happier.

As Tif sings, Henry calls out now and again. "That's right!" "You go, now!"

Henry's supercool.

Real, if you will. (And why wouldn't you?)

Afterward, we move in the direction of the bar across the street. Henry mugs about with Joel. Santa Monica Boulevard is nice at that particular segment.

Oh yea, and the art. Let's face it, artwork was close enough to the status of party decoration that we can all admit it to be so. Even so, I'm happy and grateful to drop a (ten year old) "glaze painting" on paper into the mix. (There was no time for anything to be produced for the occasion... and I didn't know that the occasion would be so... down home, let's say.)

I was hanging next to Frances Scholz and Andr? Butzer. Very nice, that. I'll blog a little more on Butzer later.

And to top it all off, Angelyne had a piece in the show too. She made an appearance, after a fashion. The lighting was muy mal for her, so she remained in her car outside so she can sign autographs for the curious and passionate.

And so it went.

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