December 12, 2005

Between Bandwidths

Bart's gallery Black Dragon Society put this poster together for the recent Miami/Basel Art Fair.

Bart Exposito

Ry Rocklin

A little background:

Shortly before the fair, Black Dragon Society put together this poster to float Bart's and Ry's names in the air so people might tune into their installation. What elevates this ad campaign above filthy lucre is a precious bubble of inspiration. As Bart tells me, Parker Jones (the director of Black Dragon) and he were talking about Ry Rocklin's sculpture and Bart had focused on the position of the dial on the radio. They talked about the connections.

Ry's dail sits between bandwidths, playing a hiss between stations. Being in between places in history, between future and past, between abstraction and representatation... Between-ness. Between music and sound.

Writer Michael Ned Holte

Michael seems to be cocked and ready to go. He busted this text piece that employs an endless text in the form of a M?bius strip. Between-ness again. Text becomes object, can this be what is called concrete poetry? The text is between the work of both artists too. The part I can read off the wall goes like this*:

...before that I pried gentlyinto the shallowest relief. The line becomes a plane becoems a complex form, not unlike a wide, flat noodle submerged in a boiling water for 7 to 10m minutes & tossed onto the growing pile. Suddenly, while staring at the nestled contours of this peuliar accumulation, we find ourselves between here & there, curling, centrifugally , around the cloverleaf sublime at the (not...

Designer: Gretchen Larsen of the local Department of Graphic Sciences

I heard that Gretchen turned this project around in a week. It had the feeling of grace, everything fell into place. That -is a blast. Fun, fast, empathic, like a ten milligram smart bomb hit betwixt the eyes.

(Whoops, I had just transcribed a bit of Michael's text. I got a little woozy.)

M?bius Strip.

Gretchen even placed a sweet little diagram on the back with visual instructions for the assembly of the M?bius strip. Bart was all in to the product design of cartons and cardboard assembled 3-d objects a few years ago.

So Gretchen tuned Bart in too.

I haven't met Ry Rocklin yet. This is the first I've seen of his work. But I'm intrigued by the title:

"I know you are but what am I?"

*Did you think I would take the poster off the wall to match the M?bius strip together? No way, man. Anyway, there's no way to reproduce it in the blog...

...unless I cross link two pop-ups...


...well... nah.



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