December 24, 2005


Happy holidays, everyone!

We flew to Michigan to spend xmas with our nephew and niece and family.

As you might have noticed by the previous blogpost, my blogjam is slightly broken. I've realized that maintaining a blog like this one is best done with a DSL service in-studio. It was natural when my studio was cheek by jowl with our house as it was recently in Texas and Spain. Now, abode and workplace are in separate locations, Echo Park and ChinaTown where we only have broadband service at the former location.. I guess it's best to make it natural again by pipelining broadband into my studio instead of nomadically roving for nearby wifi. The trouble is that there has been some trouble getting SBC telephone and DSL Extreme together, a stream of snafus have cropped up in the past month. But I've untangled the worst of the obstacles already... but I've come to expect a few more suprises before it's all over.

Ademas... I've noticed another wrinkle in the path towards fluid blogging here in LA. If discretion is the better part of valor, then it's tough to maintain a valorous character, weeding out all of the sensitive information I come across along the way. I mean, if I could rip loose it would make an insane blog, but I could also do a lot of damage to myself and my friends... and ultimately to this blog itself since telling everything I know would be scortchy and therefore I would lose all capacity for confidentiality. From business (mine and others) to gossip (tons of it, much of it inescapable since gossip is mixed in with business intelligence)... to simple reportage which would eventually be indistinguishable from indiscretion. Our artworld is not an innocent fairytale utopia. It's a Wild Wild West full of clueless sheep, a few shepards, vicious wolves, and characters of indeterminate character in between. Lawless. That's just the way it is, I'm afraid. That particular story is extrememly rich.... but impossible to recount in real time -a fact obvious to everyone but the innocent flock out there.

I guess that's what memoirs are for.

If you haven't noticed already, my strategy here is to keep my eye on the ball, which is the artwork itself. That's why you don't see links to fine stuff like this (a reverential hat tip to the Ministry of Minor Perfidy), there are plenty of websites about that kind of thing as it is. There is another issue I have with protecting the dignity of the people I blog about. I would like to maintain my promise to use this here blog for "good and not evil" as I had vowed to do so long ago, so I try to avoid trashing people despite ocassional surging temptation. All blog entries are selected for relevance toward the work coming out of the studio... more or less

...more because I believe that all previouis experience is is scribed in everything we touch, from potentially great works of art to the rim of an emptied coffee cup.

...less... because, well, it is possible to get too arcane anyway.

So there you go.

More blogorrea to come.

Posted by Dennis at December 24, 2005 6:13 PM

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