January 14, 2006


I love the wee hours.

Driving between our house in Echo Park and my studio in ChinaTown, that's the wavelength of my life here in Los Angeles. The frequency of this particular life/wave form is punctuated by the painting experience. Pushing out bodies of work gets me a little crazy, so life gets a little narrow. I compensate in the intervals between, time to get expansive, to pick up the pieces.

Driving to ChinaTown 'round midnight (the scooter is parked in the studio while I drive Stephanie to work for a while) is nice because all of LA is asleep and the streets are yours. There seems to be extra space for your thoughts to float free. It's a wonderful time to get a lot of work done, even if I do tend to get a little monomaniacal when I'm painting.

Art and Life seem to have an unfortunate reciprocal relationship in my life. When one is the numerator, the other has to be a denomenator. One or the other pays a price.

With this and a scattering of life's obstacles lessons in our way, the blogging becomes more neglected than I would like. I really enjoy blogging and I like working out my writing practice (it can get pretty tough sometimes) and I am very aware of the expresive potential of this medium, there is so much more to say, so much blogging that can be done... so much that can be done/said through blogging. And yet a lot of life slips through the editorial net.

I can promise you all one thing: I will keep on blogging, trying to polish a shine out of these... stones.

Posted by Dennis at January 14, 2006 2:42 PM

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