February 14, 2006


They're shooting a movie here in ChinaTown. The word is that its with Jim Carey. In this shot, Jim is looking for his lost dog. He goes into the alley, calling for his dog. He can't find him. He then goes into the restaurant kitchen asking: "Have you seen my dog?". A Chinatown local merchant, Hayward got a small part in the shot posing as a cook who yammers Cantonese back at Jim.(Yes, his name isn't too Chinese. Ask him about and his shoulders would shrug, and with a squinted eye, say "So what?".) It sure looks like the sequel for "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective", doesn't it?.

That will take all day and into the night.... perhaps thirty seconds of film time.

I had to blog this, of course. Out came the camera and I sauntered into the work site frenzy. After I clicked this pic, a guy came up to me and told me that they tend to get pretty upset to see other digital cameras on the set. He was nice about it. Alright, alright. I backed away and into the studio, blog nugget in hand.

The movie people have an amazing mobile logistical capability. Check this shot only three hours earlier:

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