March 20, 2006

Music at the Rental Gallery

There's no name for this event, it just happens: music evenings at the Rental Gallery. It's that underground, grasssroots, whatever. Matt runs it with an array of spin off activities from t-shirt limited runs, 'zines, flim projects and who know what else he's got up his sleeve.

I'll be blogging more about him later. He's a doer.

This is the second evening and they were drawing quite a crowd, a very interesting bunch of young people. It's humbling/sobering to witness the generational tides, wave after wave. Each group is unique, this one more so.

The music? Voice was singular, full of character without affect. Some were balladiers, others played what I've heard described that night as "Math-Rock". This wave of young artists/musicians are different. I've heard other people remark about the phenomenon of the character of these kids: attentive, patient, ecectic, curious, self confident, independent, innovative, vigilant in keeping the vital center of their work in sight... other, earlier generations would have thrashed the place.

This generation is different.

The great thing is that here in Chinatown, multiple generations are cross pollinating. Easily. Wave after wave and then the sea.

Posted by Dennis at March 20, 2006 4:30 PM

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