April 6, 2006

Heavens on Earth?

Markvon Schlegell of Venusia fame arrived from K?ln yesterday amid warm fanfare.

A rolling congress of friends convened first at Hop Louie and later at Joey's music studio. Good music ensued, I look forward to linking later to PruessPress for audio downloads.

Another fruit of the evening was a new platform for a redesigned Democratic Party of the near future.

Practical and practically utopian*, we applaud two significant emerging technologies for a better world: First, we should soon be able to engineer stem cells from fingernail clippings instead of the grisley fetal harvest of the current state of the art. And secondly, once we can get into space easily we can build*2 solar collectors unconstrained by dimension, especially the biggest ones. The upshot: as much energy as we want, any time we want.

Functional immortality and an end to energy scarcity in our lifetime? Medical and economic magic bullets? No one can say with credibility that this will not happen eventually. I'm sure there will be a downside, there always is. But compared to pathetically withering to death and bloody internecine struggles for limited resources, who could blame a shoulder for shrugging?

*without the genocidal aftertaste -a technological market driven end run toward a better tommorrow, around bossy and bloddy Marxism.

*2 note here, how NASA is encouraging small scale market approaches to building a space elevator, among other things.

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