April 13, 2006

Admin/MailCall/Steve Strassman

Steve, an old Navy buddy, reports a recent find:

got to admit.....enjoy reading your blog every now and again.......although I just don't see you painting those christmas card scenes that I like......you know....of the deer by the creek looking up at the snow covered cabin in the forest and the mountains in the background under a full moon......or is this an avenue you may be taking soon??

by the way......came across this sketch while going through some boxes today......don't know why I have it......not even sure who OS2 Baker is.......but looking at the date....and the "number of days to go" made me laugh as I remembered what it meant.

funny......had a dream about you, me and Tom Gibbs the other day.......very
weird.....maybe need to change medication.

anyway hope this finds you well.....and this attached scan brings a smile to
your face.

This is a nice way to start the day, thanks Steve!

Although, thoughts about the way the years can reel past is quite a strange feeling. We were teenagers then -baby faced fleet sailors, counting the days until we reentered civilian life. 1,234 days to go was the way everyone kept track of our time in service. Two digit short timers would look at my I.D. and sneer: "Rocks don't live that long!", my first lessons in taking it on the chin with a grin.

Here we sit thirty years later almost to the day! Now, I can report with authority that rocks do indeed live that long. And once we get our technological act together, we might yet live even longer than the rocks themselves.

Oh yea, and Steve: I'll work on that deer/creek/snow/mountain/moon painting right away.

Posted by Dennis at April 13, 2006 8:12 AM

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