April 17, 2006

Admin/Please Stand By

Here we are, the final week at the end of a marathon of painting one canvas after another. I've been lucky to have had a tight schedule, and this tempo has been in effect certainly since before I've been blogging (see the archives). I've been luckier to have a wife who understands why I've been in the studio so much lately.

There are times when my packed schedule goes into overdrive, "the rapids" as I have been calling it recently. This week is one of those times.

The ground rush effect.

I like to quote my old friend Marcus Adams: "To get anything done in the studio, you've got to let the rest of your life burn." Or fray. By that, he meant not doing pragmatic life maintenance like laundry or the like. For me, this includes visiting a whole slew of friends as near as LA and as far as San Diego, Ojai, even Houston or Seattle... and now as the final days of free fire painting draw to a close: nearer as a laptop click of email or extended textual blogposts.

After this week, I will be able to un-dam the rest of my life and mend the fray. Next to meeting up with several friends here locally, there is a blogpost and mailcall backlog that tops the list, chores and repairs to perform at our house in Echo Park, plane tickets to buy and a summer schedule to plan, people to contact in Tossa to prepare for a summer of painting, people to contact in New York during my week there... and I want to take the scooter across town and show you all a tour of the art galleries in LA, I hear that there is a good show of Gustav Klimts at the County ....the list goes on.

In the meantime, I've got some painting to do!

Posted by Dennis at April 17, 2006 6:26 AM

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