May 18, 2006


I didn't know if I could do it, but I had a hunch that it might be possible, so I scheduled the shippers to come in next week to pick up a painting to be sent to Z?rich.

The first day back, I was exhausted, flat on my back, laid comatose by food and television. The second day was a holiday, first stage denial. The third was the stare-down with the blank canvas. I made big noises to my friends Bart and Phil that I was going to get all freaky and twitch all over with wet tools in my hands. But then in front of the canvas, the idea of a departure from the previous language (the work in the show) seemed ill advised. Better to develop "the twitchy" in a larger group of work, the next show in Barcelona.

(Admin: Big dates on my horizon: solo shows in Barcelona at the end of Summer and Tokyo in the Spring. I'll be flying into Barcelona mid June to paint the show with three months in our place in Tossa de Mar. We won't have DSL at our place, so I'll be roving for a wireless signal over there.... not fun.)

In this canvas: a variant of "Crowds" in a darker green. The image above is a detail. Pics later.

Posted by Dennis at May 18, 2006 12:30 PM

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