June 20, 2006


-I found a little wifi signal in town, pirate that I am.
-I'm taking care of to-do lists, personal and family.
-I'll be going into Barcelona tomorrow to check in with the gallery.
-Weather: t-shirts at night, cool not brisk.
-Water: haven't been in yet. Choppy, reports of algea blooms and jellyfish.
-Studio: intact and looking good.
-Friends: picking up where we left off.
-Acquaintences: they tend to take me to task for not "saying goodbye".
(I thought I did say goodbye. Maybe they meant by degree?)
-Food: It's great to eat this way again. The food in the States was killing* me.
-More to come of course.
-So far, so good.

(* Knock on wood, a figure of speech.)

Posted by Dennis at June 20, 2006 2:38 PM

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