June 26, 2006

Sant Joan Day, Barcelona

I enjoyed sitting in on the critiques of Gerry Smulevich's and Paul Groh's study abroad program. They spent four weeks studying the rich ruban history of Barcelona and it culminated in a big crit at a local architecture school (something something Advanced Archtiecture Catalunya School). They applied what they learned in a part of the city called Badalona. Generally, all students did pretty good work with one or two flashes of brilliance.

I didn't capture any images of the crit, letting the moment fly away without capitalizing it for bloghistory. It's like fly fishing, sometimes you catch dinner, sometimes you release.

Venga, Tio. Comerse.

I did capture the lame quality of the Sant Joan celebrations in Barcelona. I mean, compare the pics in this post to this. What is hard to convey in that link was the sonic experience of constant explosions in the air. Maybe it is the concentrated urban form encircling onto the main beach at Tossa, so all of the explosives are focused together. Or maybe the Catalans up North are fireworks pirates, buying heavier petardos for the party.

After the crits, we convened at a party hosted by the interior design people, one of whom rented a flat near the beach at the Barceloneta. Eight floors and up on the terrace, it was strangely nice to hear voices from stateside. I met some very cool people from Berlin and the conversations with them were pretty rich.

Standing near the edge of the roof, I snapped these fotos for all y'all. What was remarkable was the tendency towards social disruption in the crowds that surged into the city streets. We pressed the boundary of mahem all night. The universal appreciation for liminal mob violence was mixed into the street party atmoshpere, beer and wine and clouds of hashish provided the social lubricant. I understand it is this way in Germany and France. I wonder if it is this way in London too?

But next year, if I am here... it will be Tossa for Sant Joan Day for sure.

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