June 26, 2006

Kiko's House

Sparklers.gif After the two visits to Barcelona, I got a chance to catch up with Kiko, Nacho, family and friends.

CanPasset.gif I got his call on the movil. "Dennis, meet us at Can Passet. We are waiting for you!" OK, Kiko. In the tight streets of the old section of town, the restaurant was below Nacho and Leslie's place. Tables spilled out into the pedestrian street. Tourists rubbed against us as we sipped our beers. I met Kiko's girlfreind, Lourdes. She lives in Madrid and commutes into Tossa every weekend.

BertasFotos.gif Nacho and Leslie's youngest daughter Berta grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics. I instructed her on the fine points of the Tony Cu?ha method of protraiture. Mental note: this is a recurring phenomena, children snaps. Small shildren and the latest digital technology, what does this mean?

KikosHouse.gif We rendezvoused at Kiko's house afterward. Elevenish, the night was young. Kiko fired up the bar-b-que and petardos (firecrackers) were casually tossed into the street from time to time. At one point, a couple walking nearby got irritated and nearly came to blows over the whole affair.

Kiko's attitude: this is Catalunya, people. This is what we do here.

NachoBertaDennis.gif Alberto (the young artist who accompanied me to ChinaTown last October) dropped in and it was good to get him to tell his stories of lilfe in Los Angeles... in Catalan. Nacho is scheduled to travel to Florida for the first time (motorcycle business) and while he was sporting his theory of how lame America was, Alberto stepped in and testified that there is a diffference between his preconception and what he experienced Stateside. I'll be curious to see what Nacho thinks of Daytona and Miami when he gets back.

Later: Alberto and I went to Tahiti to listen to the singers there... actually,he wanted to talk to the bartender a young woman on his radar. Ah Tossa, the seaside pueblo of love.

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