June 26, 2006

Alberto's Swim Race

After the night at Kiko's, Alberto and I went to Club Tahiti for drinks and so he can "say hello" to a young lady behind the bar there. The night ended near four am, and he had to compete in a swim race that was to start at ten the coming morning.

Ah well, Alberto is young and what is youth for -if not to burn it away like this?

What follows are a sequence of fotos in wide shot format, which will probably force you all to scroll back and forth a number of times. Or not.


Let the pictures tell the story:





Alberto finished in the middle of the pack. He said that about half way, someone pounded him down about a meter into the water and he got a lungfull of water... then, another swimmer grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him back for the forward advantage.

Alberto's attitude about all this: a shrug and a smile.

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