August 28, 2006

Rabbit Holes, Dead End Trails.


I've been struggling , looking for the grace that obviates the need to struggle.

Scrape offs, doublebacks, secondary straegies, contrary and contrasting tacks.

There are tmes when it is easy and you don't expect it.

There are times when you expect it and the bus doesn't arrive.

Godot, afterall.

The trouble for me is that sometimes, he does arrive.

There are times when you thought you would go down one path only to find another and take it, or not, or to think you are on one path but yet not... or you think that today, I will undertake a wild adventure, only to find yourself trapped in a group tour.

That's when you siphon gasoline out of the tank and torch the bus (witout killing the hapless passengers of course).

I plan enough to start but not too much more, and yet sometimes perhaps more than I would want to. A few times I have tried the empty the head and use the "get wet and crazy strategy" only to find myself eating lunch from a bento box and waiting in line for the bathroom at the back of a ratty old stinky Greyhound. And then there are the few times when I would go berserko and lay waste, etc. finding myself the king of a sceptered isle.

It's about looking for the ladder you cast away as you enter the clouds, I guess.

Stay tuned please, more hablabbery to come once I pass through this weather system.

Posted by Dennis at August 28, 2006 1:14 AM

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