August 28, 2006


Miguel (my gallery, see side bar) accompanied by his wife Mirentxu and his number one, Alberto stopped by for a visit. This week is the end of August and next month will have a tempo beat that will crescendo with the opening on the 28th. Alberto has the P.O.V., and thus you have this glimpse of yours truley.

I'm finishing the sixth painting, with two more in train. So far, so good.

Next week, Miguel invited "un Hombre de Madrid", a writer and photographer to come into my studio here and shoot pix, talk and write as I paint. Normally, my studio is a private den, but this time I'm looking at this as if I were working in a print atelier as I did recently at Jean Milant's Cirrus Gallery. As long as the guys in the room are working too, and not merely voyers, we can do this.

Besides, I'll be shooting and interviewing this guy as much as he will shoot and interview me... something I wish I could have done in the other interview's I've had in the past.

Posted by Dennis at August 28, 2006 10:20 AM

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