September 23, 2006

Transport Day

The big day has arrived for the delivery of the paintings to the gallery from my studio. Miguel's number one, Alberto drove in with a van. He devised these wood fabricated corners to attach to the paintings so that they may stack up easily.

It was a day with edges. Aside from the new corner transport solution, a big storm had just hit Spain the day before. I had an eye out for a kind of cyclonic weather system that was winding its way up the Atlantic and into Northern Spain. the first drops were falling as Alberto parked his van.

The other edge was Alberto's brusque manner in handling artwork. He was either fearless or wreckless... I'm still not sure which. The way he handles art is like the way a butcher handles meat, a good butcher that wields the cleaver so close to his fingers as he talks to customers whilst maintaining eye contact (I'm thinking of our local supermarket here). It's a little unnerving, and you have to trust that all of the ten intact fingers of his is an indication of his professionalism.

We called young Alberto in to help. Dos Albertos hoy. He was getting nervous watching older Alberrto go at it. Young Alberto was gasping and bugging his eyes from time to time. I had urged caution along the way, so many times that I had finally let it go. We''ll see. If there are no slips, Alberto is a breezy professional... but if he slips...

(Pues, caution Dennis. Tranquilo hombre. Let's see what happens. Miguel's number one is a good guy, my first impression. Trust, then verify as an old American president used to say.)

The van was filled with two of the larger and all four of the smaller ones. The older Alberto jumped in amidst the raindrops with the option to either return tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'm anxious to get to the gallery and see if everything is working out ok.

Posted by Dennis at September 23, 2006 8:23 AM

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