October 26, 2006

Gold Residence/FOCALA

The other week, the Fellows of Contemporary Art toured the studios of ChinaTown. I intended to snap a few pics of the assembled guests in my studio and share them with you all, but the moment flowed too fast for me to archive the experience. Returning from Spain, this first month back has been a fast train of have-to-do's mixed with heavy doses of hang time with my wife Stephanie after a summer apart and therefore I had a bit of apprehension as to what exactly I would present to my guests since my studio was nearly empty. The solution: light the 2003 painting "Present" and show the summer's work via a video projector on the adjacent wall.

The result? Overall: good, but I could have done better. I launched into the prerequisite description of my history and the basic argument for the paintings. The audience bit into the issues of technique and my shorthand version of postmodern art history and most of the session became more of a discussion than a lecture, which I welcome. The projector was weaker than I would have wanted since the daylight washed out the color and resolution of the summer work. And the presentation was another creature than the structure of the discussion that ensued. I'll have to work on that.

Later in the week, FOCALA directors Michael Gold (Long-Range Exhibition Planning) and Sirje Gold (Web Projects) invited us --the ChinaTown artists in the tour-- to their home (recently featured in Interior Design Magazine) to see their collection and hang out a bit.

Here are a few pics....

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The Fellows of Contemporary Art have moved to ChinaTown, the reflection of the sudio tours. As Michael and Sirje have written in a recent email:

There is a great vitality and spirit down here and now that our office has moved to Mandarin Plaza we hope to become an important part of it. We invite you all to come by and visit us. We have a large selection of artist catalogs and videos, a large screen TV, a comfortable couch and cold beer in the fridge.
Already my artist friends and I are plotting to splay out on their couch, flip through the videos, plunder the refrigerator and dog ear all the catalogs...

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