November 1, 2006

Dani Tull

I intended to post something last spring about Dani Tull's opening at 4F Gallery at the north end of Chung King Road in ChinaTown, but I got overwhelmed by the flurry of events as I ramped up to fly to Spain to paint for the show in Barcelona. I felt bad that I missed the occasion to blog his show because it was a reemergence of one of the artists who used to show at the Kim Light Gallery, circa 1991 (the hot new gallery in town when I was pup)... that selfsame gallery where young gallerist Jeff Poe used to work behind the counter.

But what a nice coincidence that not only can I blog this show that will open this Saturday but that it is a gallery that I first encountered when Stephanie and I lived in Dallas a few years ago. I met David Quadrini the other day at Mandrake and I'm happy to report that he's looking great, very Californian. Dani and David are working together, supercool.

Here are a few pics that slipped away from my bloggy fingers last spring:



Here's the press release:


Tami Demaree

I?ll Cross My Fingers but I Won?t Hold My Breath

Tanya Haden

Faces and Places and Things That Once Were

Dani Tull

Mersh and Myth

Tami Demaree, Untitled, 2006, watercolor on vintage print, 10 3/4 x 13 inches

November 4th ? December 23rd

Opening reception: November 4th, 6 ? 8 pm

Special opening night performance by

Immaculate Conception: Jason Supercreep & Ariel Pink

Separation Anxiety: Violet Hull & Issac Hull

Angstrom Gallery is proud to present three solo exhibits of local artists Tami Demaree, Tanya Haden, and Dani Tull.

A reception for the artists will be held on November 4th, from 6 ? 9 pm.

In the main gallery, Angstrom Gallery is proud to present Tami Demaree. Born in 1978 in Huntington Beach, CA, Demaree is mixed media artist whose collages, paintings and sculptures mix mythical imagery and cultural references with an exuberant Do It Yourself sensibility, while wolf-headed women and pink dolphins taunt nine-headed snakes under a waterfall of cut-paper tears. Painted rainbows frame love and loss and felt pendants spout sweet nothings. Demaree?s world is distinguished by a sentiment perfectly calibrated to both honor and satirize the overwrought musings of an American girl. Demaree's installations form an entertaining and bewildering space in which pop songs and tear-jerk movies invade and maybe displace the sanctity of the private emotional world. This will be her debut solo exhibition.

In the second gallery, Angstrom Gallery will present Los Angeles based artist Tanya Haden. Haden primarily works with pencil and ink. Her background as an animator lends to the creation of narrative drawings that explore childhood memories, fears and the boundaries in familial relationship. She often employs humor that skillfully represents the fragility and power of innocence, innocence lost, and general power structures in all aspects of life.

In the third gallery, Angstrom Gallery will present Los Angeles artist Dani Tull. Tull has exhibited internationally and locally with Blum and Poe. His most recent exhibition in Los Angeles ?Odd Arc? was heralded by Doug Harvey in the LA WEEKLY as ?one of the most complex and entertaining gallery shows in recent memory?, and ?the missing link between Mike Kelley?s and Jim Shaw?s curdled Pop and that of the emerging Los Angeles neo-psychedelic school.? For his show with Angstrom Gallery, Dani Tull will show a series of paintings that mine the rich complexities of painting in contemporary times. His approach allows for equal footing between abstraction and the representational, as iconic imagery stratify both personal and pop mythologies.

For additional information please contact Genevieve Pepin 310.204.3334.
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