November 8, 2006

Medical Grade Enchilada Verdes

We have a general malaise around here. Everyone is feeling a bit funky. The guys at ChinaTown blame it on the Santa Ana winds, the dry desert winds that sweep towards the sea annually here in Southern California. Local artist Chris Lipomi (sculptor, shows at Dan Hug Gallery) attributes the corrosive effect to an excess of positive ions in the seasonal hot desert air. Apparently, negative ions come with splashy water, that's why we feel good around fountains and by the sea. But maybe there are multiple sources for these under-the-weather feelings? My wife Stephanie travels a lot and people around me in the art world tend to travel to art fairs and the like... maybe we are spreading contagion around a bit. She has a deep chest cold, a stubborn one. And I've just recieved an email from a friend in New York who is under the weather over there as well. There is something going on, everyone seems a bit down recently.

What to do?

Well, we recommend the medical grade enchilada verde plate at the classic neighborhood restaurant in Highland Park, el restaurante leyendario La Abeja. Devour the plate and it's off to bed with you, the perfect food coma. It will help cure what ails, almost as effective as a day at the beach.

Posted by Dennis at November 8, 2006 10:27 AM

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