November 29, 2006

Admin: Dagnabit

It started wiith a crackle and some flutter in the screen. I thought it was funny and I hoped it might be a minor flub in the system, whistler in the dark that I am. Then the screen froze. A hard shutdown and a pause and a push of hte button to start up the laptop and perhaps twenty times later, I finally took my 11 month old laptop to the Apple Store to get the diagnosis: the Logic Board is fried. A week to ten days and all of the information the past 11 months will be gone, this as I was shopping for backup hard drives this week.

Roll with the punches, Dennis. No problem. I'll just reconstruct as much as I can, I told myself. There's a silver lining in there somewhere. Maybe my file system will now be sleeker, more systematic, menos fat.

Then, as I was painting (pics to come soon), I would flash from time to time on things I lost... bookmarks... ouch... painting files... damn... emails... damn... address book... ugh... calendar... well... summer and spring fotos... ouch... 48 songs squandered at the iTunes Store... dear G-d... all those blogposts that escaped post-time that I was holding for later... GRRRRrrrrrRRRrrrr...

At least there is an "archive" in this blog.

...maybe it's time to figure out how to really archive the blog, as in burn and record it in several media?

The strange thiing is...

The logic board was fried last time too!

There's twothreefour possibilities.

LOW: That I use too many applications at once.

HIGH: Catalan electricity has spikes in it when thunderstorms would come in the rainly season in October/November and March/April, the demise of the iBook last January. And then this summer, we had surprise thunderstorms all August and merely unplugging it when I saw lighting wasn't enough. But why the multi-month delay of fry time.

FANTASYLAND: It was a coincidence.

MOST LIKELY: It's a message from on high. Chill out. Don't move so fast. You gotta make the mornin' last.

(These waves of irritable discomfort, the lust for news/information, annoyance and slight nauseous annoyance due to the disconnection from the web... would you... call that... net addiction?)

Posted by Dennis at November 29, 2006 5:16 PM

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