January 30, 2007

Mario Correa

I was going to write that Mario is the king of brown. That sounded great to me, the implicatioins of brown, a manifesto on the color wheel, the ultimate mongrel, a Babel of color, the silty delta at the end of postmodern history...

Mario Correa opened his studio the other day to show his third cycle of work since he came out of CalArts:



I stopped in later to steal a slice of conversation on video. Check out the sly hip level screen capture investigative camera technique:

Ahhhh*, we were trying to remember Ellsworth Kelly. Kelly found pictorial composition in the chance encounter, he had a willingness to transform/encode/reduce three dimensional reality into the two needed for peictorial compostion, his inspiration was in the world at large. Along similar lines, Mario finds his inspiration in the mediated world of pop culture.

You can get a better grasp of it if you could see his previous two chapters of painting. Skateboard parks and boxing night in Vegas.

(*Yea, that's the way to edit a video, with memory loss. This is the really real here, folks.)

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