March 2, 2007

Chris Jagers' Life Drawing Class

JagerDrwgClass.gif Chris Jagers is doing great work with his figure drawing class. First, he asked them to bring in their laptops and drawing/painting programs:
I came back from New York feeling experimental, so I decided to have the students bring their computers into life drawing class. After all, they are digital artists, so I thought, ?why not?? It was a huge success! Suddenly, they all became geniuses.
JagersDrwgClass2.gif Then, the CAD program:
This week, for Life Drawing, I had my students try something that I have wanted to do for years. Draw in 3D. Actually, they imported a flat gesture drawing they had completed from a live model, into 3D studio Max. Then they transferred their lines into ?splines,? which can be moved around in a virtual 3D space. This way, they were able to experience how lines can move forward and back in space, literally. To help in this exercise, the students posed a crude 3D skeleton in the position of the drawing, to provide a rough gage of where the lines might fall. Below is an example of this skeleton being superimposed over a drawing.

Well, it seems I'd better to fly off to NYC to get some of that experimental feeling too. Great work, Chris!

Posted by Dennis at March 2, 2007 5:15 PM

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