March 2, 2007

Chris Jagers' Life Drawing Class

Chris Jagers is doing great work with his figure drawing class. First, he asked them to bring in their laptops and drawing/painting programs:

I came back from New York feeling experimental, so I decided to have the students bring their computers into life drawing class. After all, they are digital artists, so I thought, ?why not?? It was a huge success! Suddenly, they all became geniuses.

Then, the CAD program:

This week, for Life Drawing, I had my students try something that I have wanted to do for years. Draw in 3D. Actually, they imported a flat gesture drawing they had completed from a live model, into 3D studio Max. Then they transferred their lines into ?splines,? which can be moved around in a virtual 3D space. This way, they were able to experience how lines can move forward and back in space, literally. To help in this exercise, the students posed a crude 3D skeleton in the position of the drawing, to provide a rough gage of where the lines might fall. Below is an example of this skeleton being superimposed over a drawing.

Well, it seems I'd better to fly off to NYC to get some of that experimental feeling too. Great work, Chris!

Posted by Dennis at March 2, 2007 5:15 PM

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